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Petit Patayo


With their single illustration per page, and their notebook-sized dimensions, Pocket Patayos have a unique appeal to fans of the 9th art. In fact, they have their roots in a tradition of graphic novels beloved by over a billion readers. This was in China, from the 1950s to the 1990s. These books are called “lianhuanhua” (literally “linked images”) and were once the main source of entertainment for an entire population. Seeking to reveal the extraordinary that lies within the seemingly ordinary, our authors give free rein to their imagination in a series of 92 boxes.


Based in Nantes, at Patayo Editions our aim is to scour the world for works and artists able to open a window onto their respective cultures. Our editorial policy is to address all audiences and appeal to what is universal in each of us, though comic books and graphic novels. We seek to mingle genres, universes, languages and cultures, and enable unlikely encounters. Whether they are by a fledgling artist or an established author, for our books the realms of possibility are limitless!