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Gurn travels on the subway. He shares his impressions, emotions, and encounters with us. Through his lively sketches, he takes us on a personal discovery of his subway. It’s a story without a clear beginning or end, but it steadily moves forward, subtly.

Black & White I 15 x 10,5 cm I 92 pages I ISBN 9782491277697




It’s difficult to introduce Gurn. Shall we start with his influences? A self-taught and intermittent artist, he has always been an enthusiast of comic books and graphic art. He draws inspiration from both classic Franco-Belgian comics and American comics, as well as 19th-century engravers and illustrators, and the underground graphic artists of the late 20th century.

Having decided to take things seriously at the age of 50 (better late than never!), he has been exploring different techniques (with a strong preference for ink and colored pencils) and graphic storytelling styles, guided by his meandering paths and chance encounters.

Alongside a few confidential self-publications (such as “Station Laos,” “D’Ennery Musée Fantôme,” “Война,” and “Sombre Forêt”), he participates in various collective adventures: experiments initiated by Laurent Lolmède, contributions to various international fanzines (such as “L’Abécédaire,” “Z,” “Pocket Thoughts,” “This Zine Has Issue,” and “L’Etourdizine”). Since 2018, he has also contributed several “stories” to the magazine Egoscopic, a collective magazine specializing in autobiographical comics. It was while manning Egoscopic’s booth at the SOBD exhibition in Paris in December 2022 that he crossed paths with Patayo Editions.

Fascinated by the format and concept of the Petit Patayo collection, he shamelessly decided to make a proposal… which was accepted!

Without really knowing where he is heading (but does it truly matter?), Gurn continues to move forward, step by step.