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Drawings and stories of the worlds and of our world

Patayo is a name that says nothing and that means nothing, but that leads to all possibilities. It is a Nantes publishing house. An house of creators, stories, literary and graphic objects. Beautiful stories, beautiful images, intertwined. Known, unknown or unknown authors, French and foreign. Beautiful, innovative, fun and accessible books.



A collection that can’t be explained!

A collection that’s fun, funny and surprising. A Pop collection!


Petit patayo

A lianhuanhua collection to carry everywhere in your pockets

One image per page, the dimensions of a notebook that accompanies and that we collect, these singular books with contemporary stories are based on a comic tradition followed by more than a billion readers. This is China, from the 1950s to the 1990s. In their search for the extraordinary in the ordinary, our authors, from France and else where, go wild in 92 boxes for their first work published in France. Made with care, in France.


Des cases, des langues, des mondes

A collection of manhua, wuxia, leporello, strip and many others…

Either a heritage book by foreign authors or a creative laboratory book between artists, writers, filmmakers, French and foreign, the collection explores the kaleidoscope of world comics. Through the prism of cultural specificities. Each book is filled with prefaces and afterwords by specialists, journalists, academics, philosophers…


Petiot Patayo, la collection jeunesse