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Qin Opéra



Nothing goes to the village of Qingfengjie anymore. Since the arrival of the national road, progress is advancing, old and modern clash…

The result of a graphic and literary work, conceived and produced over four years by the artist Li Zhiwu and the filmmaker Men Xiaoyan, this long creative work has never yet been published. Imagine ! A story illustrated on a roll of 72 meters in a single picture…

Patayo Editions has chosen to adapt and translate for the first time in the world the work Qin Opera into a leporello. To preserve the singularity of the work, Qin Opera is presented in an accordion book 20 meters long. A true art book, a huge attention was paid to its manufacture, both in the quality of the paper and the printing, thus facilitating the reading of the work and its manipulation.

A very cinematic narrative for an unusual comic book!

Translation by Marie Laureillard, Adaptation Marie Laureillard, Laurent Mélikian, Frédéric Fourreau

Postfaces by Vincent Durand-Dastès, professor of pre-modern Chinese literature, by Laurent Mélikian, director of collection

Black and White I 25 x 18 cm – 20m unfold I ISBN 9782491277451