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Accueil / Petit Patayo-english / VIVANTE




Vivante is an ingenuous young woman, determined to commit herself to her life journey. With the poetry of the text and the vigour of the drawing, we accompany him in his moving learning of freedom. An initiatory journey that speaks to us all. A lesson in courage to stay truly alive.

The book is fully in french

Black & White I 15 x 10,5 cm I 92 pages I ISBN 9782491277352


Graduate from Nancy Fine Arts, Sophie Vaupré teaches drawing and painting in art school. She loves to reveal by the freedom of her line our fleshly relationship to reality and to the passing time, and by this she encourages us to inhabit the vulnerability and intensity of our lives.




After a career as a scientific and social journalist and public communicator, Yves Lusson recovered from a burn-out by engaging, in the early 2010’s, in the long and demanding apprenticeship of the profession of social therapist. After treating his own wounds of uprooting, remoteness and separation, he now puts his sensitivity at the service of people who need to reconnect to themselves, to others, to reality…  and to live their lives to the fullest.