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Accueil / Petit Patayo-english / LA MARCHE DES GÉANTS




A small boy lives with his people on the back of the good giant, Rapa, who nourishes and sustains them. Rapa marches tirelessly onwards. But the little boy wonders – what if one day the giant stopped walking? He sets off on a dangerous, unpredictable journey – in the course of which he has to win over his people – towards a universal truth.

With «La Marche des Géants», Rudy Lespinet starts in this first opus his series of Géants, followed by his second opus “Carcasse, la cité-monde“.

The book is fully in French

Black & White I 15 x 10,5 cm I 92 pages I ISBN 9782491277000


After two children’s books and a kamishibaï (picture-card theatre), in this, his first Patayo al- bum, the illustrator Rudy Lespinet looks at Nature and the spirit world. He shows us that knowledge and the way we relate to other people are essential to self-fulfillment, while at the same time taking us on a journey on a giant’s back !