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Accueil / Petit Patayo-english / CARCASSE, LA CITE-MONDE




The march of Rapa has ended. A new life has begun for his people in the city of Carcasse. A young boy, eager for knowledge, decides to seek his roots. The little curious one launches into a crossing of the gigantic city. He questions his first inhabitants and tries to trace the origins of the giants.

After «La Marche des Géants», Rudy Lespinet continues in this second opus the discovery of the immense city of Carcasse. A new adventure where personal and collective evolution mingle on a background of research of origins.

The book is fully in French

Noir & Blanc I 15 x 10,5 cm I 92 pages I ISBN 9782491277314


After two children’s books and a kamishibaï (picture-card theatre), in this, his first Patayo al- bum, the illustrator Rudy Lespinet looks at Nature and the spirit world. He shows us that knowledge and the way we relate to other people are essential to self-fulfillment, while at the same time taking us on a journey on a giant’s back !