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Accueil / Petit Patayo-english / AU BORD DE L'OCEAN



Mikaël Dubois

It’s a love poem in weightlessness, thought like an ephemeris. A romantic piece with two actors, where the gender identity and the landmarks of places and temporality no longer matter. Only remains the essential, in a metaphor of our emotions, when everything seems complicated then so beautiful…

The book is fully in French

Black & White I 15 x 10,5 cm I 92 pages I ISBN 9782491277222


Mikaël Dubois is a 24-year-old writer from Nantes. He writes, scabs, paints, what he’s been through for a long time, trying to put words into what he feels. Neuroatypical, non-binary, revolted, he seeks his place in a society that has long made him understand that she did not want him, and that he could not understand either.

But his stories are softer: they transcribe what fascinates him in this world and pushes him forward, like human emotions, love, attachment to others and what makes us who we are.