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Frédéric Fourreau

Jacques Després

As was the family tradition, Jacques Desprès had to be a jeweler. It is therefore clandestinely that he integrates the Fine Arts in the early 1990s. Still clandestine, he leaves the bank of the recognized arts to embark on digital imagery, still in its infancy, to develop this personal universe saturated with meaning. His “Book …

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Mikaël Dubois

Mikaël DUBOIS is a 24-year-old author from Nantes. He writes, crobardes, paints, what he has lived for a long time, to try to put words on what he feels. Neuroatypical, non-binary, rebellious, he seeks his place in a society that has long made him understand that it didn’t want him, and that he couldn’t understand …

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Yves Lusson

After a career as a scientific and social journalist and public communicator, Yves Lusson recovered from a burnout by committing, in the early 2010s, to the long and demanding apprenticeship of the profession of social therapy worker. . After having healed his own wounds of uprooting, estrangement and separation, he now puts his sensitivity at …

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Sophie Vaupré

A graduate of the Fine Arts of Nancy, Sophie Vaupré teaches drawing and painting in art school. She likes to reveal through the freedom of her line our carnal relationship to reality and to passing time, and thereby she encourages us to inhabit the vulnerability and intensity of our lives. Découvrez Vivante VIVANTE Ajouter au …

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Kwong-Shing Lau

Hong Konger by adoption after having spent a large part of his childhood in Japan, Kwong-Shing Lau is a prolific artist: short stories, video games, animation… Ordinary fantasy is his first book published in France thanks to a partnership between Patayo and the Hong Kong Arts Centre. He often draws in pencil, seeks to restore …

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Sun Weijun

Sun Weijun is from China, Beijing. “Since my childhood, drawing has been my soul. She does the things I imagine, she travels to the countries where I dream. She is a part of my life, she will always live in me. And she is beautiful too! “. With this oriental and magical walk, she reveals …

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Stan Zygart

Illustrator and graphic designer, Stan Zygart draws his inspiration as much from the works of Bosch, Daumier and De Crécy as from the contemplation of a fly on the corner of a table, or that of a crumb on the corner of a mouth. The world is absurd. With elegance and derision, he questions it, …

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Remy Pennarun

Rémy Pennarun’s work takes its inspiration from the light and misty seascapes of his native South Finistère, as well as from his own inner journeys. Astray was created directly on a graphics tablet, and attests to the creativity of this young author. An up-and-coming talent. Find out more about L’égaré L’ÉGARÉ Add to basket


CouKa loves to switch from one form of visual expression to another, often combining them together; in Deflated, he pays tribute to the pioneers of the Seventh Art, and to the distinctive style of silent movies. Find out more about Dégonflé DÉGONFLÉ Add to basket

Louise Laborie

Her very first illustrations featured at the 2018 Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Through the stories she tells, Louise Laborie reveals the hidden magic in all things, and how seemingly ordinary lives are, in fact, extraordinary. Cloudless is her first graphic novel to be published.  Find out more aboutSans nuage SANS NUAGE Add to basket