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Kwong-Shing Lau

Hong Konger by adoption after having spent a large part of his childhood in Japan, Kwong-Shing Lau is a prolific artist: short stories, video games, animation… Ordinary fantasy is his first book published in France thanks to a partnership between Patayo and the Hong Kong Arts Centre. He often draws in pencil, seeks to restore the atmosphere of the scenes through his lines. Exploring the possibilities of comics as an expressive form, he wants to deconstruct it to better transform it. For Patayo, attracted by the cinematographic potential of the format imposed on him, he offers a walk from box to box, a story board all in music, in collaboration with the Dutch composer Victor Butzelaar.

  • Fantaisie ordinaire, 2020, Patayo Editions
  • Hong Kong cité déchue, 2021, Rue de l’échiquier BD

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