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Frédéric Fourreau

Éric Pessan

Photo par Richard Dumas Eric Pessan writes novels, theatre, poetry, children’s literature. He is the author of more than fifty books (published at Seuil, Albin Michel, Fayard, at the École des loisirs, l’œil azzled, les éditions de l’Attente, etc.) all of which take place here and now. , in our world whose complexity, harshness and …

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Li Zhiwu

Zhiwu Li was born in 1962 in Yan’an, a small town in northern China. Influenced by the rurality, landscapes and history of his native region, he is today one of the great figures of lianhuanhua, literally “chained images”, traditional Chinese comics. He published with Patayo Editions and for the first time the book Qin Opéra, …

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Men Xiaoyan

Men Xiaoyan is a filmmaker, writer and teacher based in Beijing and Vienna. As a director of photography, she participated in the film “Chiru”, which deals with the protection of wildlife. This film also won the prize for best short film at the OXDOC international film festival in the United Kingdom. As a writer/researcher, a …

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Chen Uen

During summer 2018, the National Palace Museum in Taipei opened its doors for the first time to comics. The prestigious museum that houses treasures of Chinese culture exhibited the works of a master of the 9th art of the island, Chen Uen. Manhua (a term used to refer to both comics, press drawings and animation …

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Kitsuneko Nagata

Born in Tokyo, Kitsuneko Nagata has been drawing ever more passionately since her early childhood. She started her career after winning an award in 2013 at the 63rd Tetsuya Chiba* Prize, “amateur manga” category, organized by the pre-publication magazine Morning (Kôdansha), which encouraged her to progress in her art. In 2019, she published her first …

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Jacques Després

As was the family tradition, Jacques Desprès had to be a jeweler. It is therefore clandestinely that he integrates the Fine Arts in the early 1990s. Still clandestine, he leaves the bank of the recognized arts to embark on digital imagery, still in its infancy, to develop this personal universe saturated with meaning. His “Book …

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Mikaël Dubois

Mikaël DUBOIS is a 24-year-old transgender author from Nantes. He writes, crobardes, paints, what he has lived for a long time, to try to put words on what he feels. Neuroatypical, non-binary, rebellious, he seeks his place in a society that has long made him understand that it didn’t want him, and that he couldn’t …

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Yves Lusson

After a career as a scientific and social journalist and public communicator, Yves Lusson recovered from a burnout by committing, in the early 2010s, to the long and demanding apprenticeship of the profession of social therapy worker. . After having healed his own wounds of uprooting, estrangement and separation, he now puts his sensitivity at …

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Sophie Vaupré

A graduate of the Fine Arts of Nancy, Sophie Vaupré teaches drawing and painting in art school. She likes to reveal through the freedom of her line our carnal relationship to reality and to passing time, and thereby she encourages us to inhabit the vulnerability and intensity of our lives. Découvrez Vivante VIVANTE Ajouter au …

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