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Christian Robert de Massy

Christian de Massy is a conceptual illustrator (or Concept Artist) who has been drawing for as long as he can remember. Although he had a university education in biology and then in ecology – studies which allowed him to stay in Argentina as well as in Lesotho, among others -, the call of his first love prompted him to reorient himself in illustration, where, by a series of coincidences, he became an illustrator for Hollywood cinema. He now teaches digital illustration while leading various drawn projects (silkscreens, paintings, murals, etc.).

“His technical skills allow Christian de Massy a lot of spontaneity in his creation. In his art, the line takes precedence. Volumes, geometries and depths of field are all tools he uses to establish properly figurative frameworks (and certainly attractive) to stage his imaginary universe of great narrative richness. Indeed, de Massy has the gift of opening a window onto what one guesses is a scene, a fragment of a colorful story.
From children’s tales, with all the candor and nostalgia they arouse, to eco-futurist epics, the works of Christian de Massy open onto so many heterotopias (or “other spaces”), these places where reality and mythical, where legendary themes and prosaic details meet. And that is the strength of his art. As Michel Foucault, to whom we owe the concept of heterotopias, said: “Children know them perfectly”…

Text by Fabienne Parisien

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